Wireless. Effortless. Elegant.

Just take JOAN out of the box and it's ready to be attached to any surface without the need for wires.
Or keep it connected to a direct power source if you like.

Place and play. On glass. Wood. Or brick.
Simplicity and technology working together to create an amazing experience.

Mounting options

JOAN already comes with one self-adhesive Magnetic Mount included in the box but you can also select between the following additional mounts for JOAN 6-inch devices, JOAN Manager and JOAN Executive.

Additional Magnetic Mounts

Redecorating or moving office?

Place or move your JOAN devices wherever you wish with these additional self-adhesive magnets. 
Perfect especially for glass.

Additional Magnetic Mount 5-Pack 6"

For JOAN Manager and JOAN Executive.


Additional Magnetic Mount 1-Pack 13"

For JOAN Board.


Secure Wall Mount 6-inch

Worried about security?

Fix your JOAN Managers and JOAN Executives securely into place with a custom anti-theft VESA bracket. 
Perfect especially for plaster walls or uneven surfaces.


No wires. Meet the power of

electronic paper.

JOAN delivers an industry-leading 3 months of battery life on a single charge.*
To check the battery and view the status of your devices, simply login to your Web Portal account.

Everything you need is right there.

Up to

12 weeks

on one battery charge.

Automatic reminders.
Seamless charging.

When the battery runs low, JOAN will send you an automatic email reminding you to recharge your devices. Zero hassle. Fun times.

* JOAN is 99% more energy-efficient than LCD or LED technologies due to the spectacular energy-saving properties of epaper. JOAN’s battery can last several weeks (JOAN Manager, JOAN Executive) or months (JOAN Premium, JOAN Board, JOAN Classroom) on a single charge, measured and confirmed for ideal working conditions, which include a stable Wi-Fi signal without disconnects and without too many clients installed; as well as a good quality access point, enabled office hours (five 8-hour workdays, without weekends), a disabled touchscreen, infrequent image changes and a room temperature of 20° C or 68 ºF.