JOAN Classroom.

Making education smart with classroom scheduling.

Education is all about smart. So why are some elements of school life anything but?

JOAN Classroom is the newest member of the JOAN family, a breakthrough solution created to help higher education institutions manage their rooms and resources more efficiently.

No need for printed classroom schedules or labor-intensive schedule updates. The 13-inch JOAN Classroom shows the daily schedule for a classroom right where students need it most, at the classroom door. An elegant, ultra-reliable device that feels at home in any interior.

Paperlike readability and ultra low power consumption. 99% more power efficient than any other solution, with  zero installation costs and absolutely no wires. The most effective on-campus communication. And it can now be yours. 

JOAN Classroom. The next-generation classroom display.

  • 13-inch non-touch screen. The lecture currently taking place, the one coming up and the 5 that follow.
  • Paperlike. No glare, no light pollution.
  • Integration with 25Live from CollegeNET.  Instant real-time updates, across all locations.
  • Premium design and build for an ultra reliable solution. Available in black or grey.
  • Zero cost installation. No wires.
  • Up to 12 months of battery life.
  • Magnetic Mount included. VESA mount compatible.

Developed in cooperation with Ivy League universities.

Created with the help of the most prestigious institutions of higher education to deliver true functionality.


No wires. An easy, zero-cost installation. Even on glass or wood.



Integration with the 25Live scheduling program from CollegeNET.



Cost-saving. No need for printed schedules or manual updates.



Greenest solution. 99% more power efficient than other displays.


Download the JOAN Classroom product sheet


Download the JOAN Classroom technical sheet


Integration with CollegeNET's 25Live calendaring program

JOAN Classroom is integrated with 25Live® from CollegeNET, the calendaring and publishing program used by the majority of higher education institutions.

25Live enables event planners and academic schedulers to search dates and venues and schedule campus space and resources all in one program.

With 25Live you can seamlessly post any group of classes or events to the JOAN Classroom. Simply fetch the specific resource from your 25Live calendar, select ‘subscribe’ and ‘iCal’ to get the feed link, and copy the link into a new room resource in the online JOAN Portal.

Integration with the Rave Alert™ mass notification system

Coming soon.

Make your campus a safe and secure space. In case of emergencies, integration with the Rave Alert mobile notification system will transform JOAN Classrooms into information screens displaying relevant alerts and notifications at key points across the campus.

The technical characteristics of JOAN’s electronic paper display mean that the latest notification will always remain on screen, even in case of a power failure.









Optimize resources and save money.

JOAN Classroom completely removes the need for paper-based timetables and enables universities to manage their schedules in real time, with minimum effort and minimum energy.

Say goodbye to labor-intensive updates of printed classroom timetables, scheduling errors and inefficient use of spaces. Save thousands in energy bills and printing costs.








Go green. Use 99% less energy.

JOAN Classroom is completely cord-free and does not require access to power. Its superb energy-efficiency and a battery life of months make it one the greenest technologies out there, using 99% less power than LCD or LED. For a paperless school with a light ecological footprint.


Powering a new era of innovation.


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