Unlike other, LCD-based room labelling solutions, Joan’s electronic paper display features minimal power consumption: only 1% of that of an LCD, resulting in extreme energy savings when using Joan. Electronic paper’s energy efficiency allows Joan’s lifetime to be counted in months instead of days on a single battery charge.

You can keep track of Joan’s battery status in the Joan Portal, under Device settings > Devices. Here you will see the level of battery power remaining for each of your Joan devices, so that you know exactly when to charge your Joan.

A green battery symbol means that Joan’s battery is fully charged; yellow that the battery level is below 50%; and red that Joan is below 25% battery power and will soon need to be charged.

Don’t worry: you’ll be notified via email when battery levels drop below 20%. See how you can set the address to which this notification is sent here.

When Joan’s battery is genuinely drained, the device will inform you by displaying a screen indicating that Joan needs to be charged and its display will become unresponsive. Simply charge Joan overnight and your door display will be good to go for another couple of months.