Minimize ghosting for on-premises users

If you’re experiencing ghosting on your JOAN devices running on-premises, please follow these steps to minimize the effects of ghosting.

Where can I find the device’s PIN number?

The device PIN number should show up on JOAN’s screen after connecting it to your Wi-Fi network and unplugging the micro USB cable. If that doesn’t happen, first make sure your JOAN device is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If the Wi-Fi disconnected screen appears on the device, JOAN isn’t connected yet and might be …

My MAC doesn’t recognize Joan

Sometimes Joan devices might not be detected by your computer. Installing or upgrading the connectivity driver for the FTDI serial COM port should do the trick. The driver is installed by default, however, should the issue arise, download the latest version again from the FTDI support page. If none of the above solve the configuration …

Joan’s logs

Access Joan’s logs to display the record of events that have occurred when running an individual Joan device.

Joan’s serial number

Find out how to access Joan’s serial number, a 32 character identifier of an individual Joan device.

Joan does not respond to touch

Joan is sensitive to the quality of the Wi-Fi signal. Alternatively, your infrastructure can sometimes cause disconnects.

The onboarding process gets stuck in Internet Explorer

If you get stuck in the middle of onboarding in Internet Explorer and the next page in the Joan Portal does not want to load, please try the following.