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Use the ‘Meet now’ and ‘Meet later’ buttons

Press ‘Meet now’ for instant, on-the-spot reservations and walk right into the meeting room or press ‘Meet later’ and schedule a meeting later in the day according to the timetable slots that are still free.

Check meeting timeslots in Joan’s timetable

When you walk by, pull up the meeting room schedule at the meeting room door and see when the room is free. Schedule a meeting accordingly.

Disable the option of cancelling meetings at the door

Companies that do not wish their employees to be able to cancel a meeting on the spot can disable or limit this function in the Joan Portal.

Prevent meeting no shows with ‘Check into meeting’ function

What happens if a meeting is booked but no one shows up? Optimize the use of your meeting rooms with Joan’s ‘Check into meeting’ function.

Receive analytics to power your meetings

In addition to booking a meeting room, Joan can also support your organization by generating a workplace trends report with powerful analytics that give you an overview of how your meeting rooms are being used.

Hide your meeting information

Choose whether or not your Joan device should display the name of the meeting or the organizer’s name.

Display a meeting marked as ‘tentative’

Choose whether or not tentative meetings show up on your Joan device by toggling the ‘Tentative meetings’ function on or off in the Joan Portal.

Reduce Joan’s battery consumption

Joan has an amazing battery life of several months, but there exist certain factors that will shorten or extend this battery lifetime.