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You’re walking down the street. You pass a billboard. Digital. You’re at the bus stop checking the timetable. Digital. A new restaurant has just opened downtown. You’re browsing the menu. Digital. You’re driving to the coast. The highway signs are… you guessed it – digital.

Digital displays are taking over. They’re replacing traditional signage in every nook and cranny of every sector of every industry. It’s an evolutionary process that’s reached out and touched us all, with the office environment being no exception.

Sleek in design and green by nature

There’s much more to these colourful, interactive screens that fit stylishly into their surroundings like moving artwork. Not only are digital displays destined to make an array of outdated methods of communication and organization obsolete, they do so in an elegant and efficient way.

By eliminating the need to print new signs over and over, which is not only a redundant waste of paper, but also chemicals, inks, solvents and adhesives, display tech helps companies substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

Another cost-effective and eco-friendly bonus that comes with digital displays is their incredibly long shelf life and low electric bill. The emergence of e-paper based solutions, for instance, has given rise to displays that, like real paper, reflect light rather than emit it and use up a percentage of energy in comparison to other similar devices.

Booking rooms, creating events and keeping track of important dates can now be done instantly, saving enormous amounts of resources and manpower.

Knitting a tight-knit ecosystem

In terms of architecture and aesthetics, companies are literally tearing down walls for office layouts that encourage interpersonal communication and the sharing of ideas. And digital displays are perfect in aiding this process.

As it’s all about building communities, visually informing members helps create an inclusive culture that promotes spotlighting individuals’ achievements, showcasing the company’s accomplishments and celebrating certain milestones or anniversaries.

Displaying daily trivia to keep things fresh will prompt employees to post to various social media platforms that are seen by everyone and get everyone thinking. As a rule of thumb, the more involved employees are, the more connected they feel to the company and each other.

Plus, it’s much easier and less time-consuming than writing and erasing motivational messages on whiteboards.


To say it’s becoming a trend that businesses won’t be able to survive without is putting it mildly. From praising staff to showing hurricane warnings, from keeping up with competitors via RSS news feeds to displaying fun content that livens up the office and boosts sales – digital display technology is not merely the new black, it’s an entire rainbow of possibilities and solutions to our professional and personal lives.

Too much? Whichever screen you’re reading this blog post from wouldn’t agree.



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