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“I’ve learned that my colleagues have valuable insight in topics I may have never explored myself. The keto diet workshop was quite a fit for me – so much that others in the office are asking me about it and wanting to try it out themselves. I enjoy sharing my experience based on what I’ve learned at the Academy.” – Igor Srdoč, Web Expert at Visionect

Every day is a chance to learn and Visionect, the team behind Joan, knows this very well. That’s what Visionect Academy is for. It’s a series of presentations focused on sharing different experiences and knowledge. Kind of like an office version of TED Talks.

“We value the diversity of skill,” said Matej Dujić, Junior DevOps at Visionect and Visionect Academy coordinator. “Visionect Academy is an opportunity to talk about our specialized knowledge,” continues Matej, “it’s sharing information that you wouldn’t necessarily learn at your workplace.”

You are your best investment

Don’t know how to solder? Don’t worry, our team’s got you covered. Have you ever tried to brew your own beer? No? Well, Visionect Academy featured a workshop about that as well. You might want to learn how to mine cryptocurrency or maybe you just want to shave off a few extra pounds before summer. There was a workshop about that too.

If you have a great idea for a new topic Matej is your guy. He’ll find you a date, open a task in Asana and hook you up with a room. The workshops are scheduled every three weeks from September through May and usually run for about an hour. Speakers also rotate regularly to make sure that everyone gets a chance to share.

And that’s what this is all about

Visionect Academy doesn’t necessarily cover work-related topics, but the team believes that these workshops have improved their work processes, team spirit, and presentation skills. 

These types of activities are a tremendously powerful experience, both for those who listen and those speaking, and if you’re not already practicing your own Academy at work, maybe you should give it a try.


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